Pine Meadows Ranch, Unit 4, Lot 669

Lot Information:

2.634 Total Lot Acreage
$3,999 Lot Price
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Note: roads are paved all the way to Pine Meadows Subdivision sign. We have not confirmed the accuracy or road standards via the route of Bing Maps. Please see our directions below along with plat map to confirm Bing route. The directions below were obtained from our own odometer readings and can be considered reliable.

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Directions from I-40:

1. Take I-40 to Grants
2. Take exit 81B to Hwy 53 (Ice Caves Rd)
3. Turn South (left) on BIA-125. - 44.5 mi
4. Turn East (left) on BIA-122 - 3.6 mi
5. Later, you will see the Pine Meadows Subdivision sign on your left- 4.3 mi
6. Turn East (left) onto Pine Meadows Dr.
7. Please refer to plat map for directions to specific lots